Added Features For Microsoft Office 2013

The Microsoft Office suite is widely used all over the world. In the beginning of this year, the new version of the Office suite, Microsoft Office 2013 was launched into the market. The introduction of the new software was welcomed with doubts pertaining to its compatibility with other programs.

Microsoft help center highlights that the upgrades made in Office 2013 were evident to save time and to make it compatible with smartphones, portable devices with touchscreen input like tablets, as well as with desktop computer systems.

The new features of Office 2013 require you to sign in to use it though. Here are a few other features of the latest Office version.

The Office 2013 suite applications can be installed using your Microsoft account.
You can have your programs restructured to another computer.
Easy storage to SkyDrive for convenient accessibility and sharing.
Office 2013 keeps your personal settings un-touched even if a single device is shared by multiple users.

With the help of cloud-computing techniques, you can use your files from SkyDrive when you are connected to the internet, and access Office temporarily to use the programs in the pack like Word, Excel, Outlook, or Power point. This way, you can do your office work from anywhere using the files stored in your cloud drive, or create new office documents and store them to SkyDrive for later access as well.

Since the updates are automatic, you will always have fully updated versions of Microsoft Office suite. Apart from that, you will be provided with 20 GB additional SkyDrive space and 60 world minutes Skype calls for free every month.
Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 program is also enhanced with many significant upgrades. In Outlook 2013, you can reply to the emails directly from the reading pane, without even opening the mail. Contacts management features are further enhanced with the provision of new People Cards. This simplifies the process of composing a new mail or forwarding a message. You do not have to switch between different views to look at your Calendar or Tasks in Outlook 2013 as well.

The PowerPoint application is also enhanced with the Smart Guides and Eye Drop Color Tool, which gives an option to create and make presentation in much more attractive manner. Contact Microsoft help center to know about the features of all applications in the Microsoft Office 2013 suite and benefit from it.

ISS Pro Evolution, Why are EA not singing any more?

Even in a one-on-one situation with a goalkeeper, strikers are capable of fluffing their chances convincingly. The keepers play wisely, too – they’re keen on dashing out to close down angles for a shot. Just before sitting down to write this review, I played a quick game of ISS Pro Evolution – a sterile, guile-free 1-1 draw, typified by a war of attrition in midfield that owed more to tennis than football. And I love it all the more for that.

ISS Pro Evolution is an incredible game on levels too numerous to mention. It’s a work of observational art; the most spot-on representation of its subject matter we’ve experienced for many a year. From the slightest nuance of its AI to its exquisitely balanced passing system, it could almost be described as a simulation. And yet, somehow, it possesses the arcade-style accessibility that every football game needs.

With many football titles, every man on the park appears to be a characterless clone. That’s not the case with Evolution. Each player has numerous attributes, from speed and acceleration to tackling and passing abilities. Even the physical stature of each varies, with height and build having a considerable bearing on performance. In all, there are over a dozen skill-based facets to each individual, making it every bit the team sport.

The composition of your squad has a huge bearing on the way you approach each match. If you have two tall, burly, burgeoning centre forwards that lack pace, you’ll do well to supply them with ample crosses from either flank. If, however, you have a nippy, skilful forward, the previous tactic would be futile. Instead, it’s better to craft an opening before slipping in a killer through-ball. Matches in ISS Pro Evolution are dynamic events where your style of play must constantly adapt.

You see, Konami have created the most tactically-aware AI code to bless the genre so far. Many connoisseurs of football games have criticised the introduction of the ‘through-ball’ button in recent years. They argue that it becomes too easy to simply knock the ball through to a pacey forward or attack-minded midfielder, leading to endless one-on-ones with the keeper. It can be unsatisfying when you’re performing this routine yourself, but it’s downright frustrating when your opponent reciprocates in kind. With ISS Pro Evolution, though, Konami have blessed defenders with the foresight and ability that they’ve lacked for too long. They intercept lazy through-balls with accomplished ease. The more you play against CPU opposition, the more you come to appreciate just how astonishingly clever the AI can be.

Although ISS doesn’t possess an official licence, and therefore its player names are subtle misspellings of their real-life equivalents, each – ahem! – ‘representation’ is a fair clone. Thus, Adamms is a statuesque centre-back, while Owenn is a slight but enormously fast striker. And, on that note, we’ll introduce you to another great aspect of any given ISS Evolution match.

You must have noticed this before, but isn’t it true that speed is so often the most significant characteristic of virtual players? From Sensible Soccer to FIFA, a fast striker can tear apart any defence. Almost every other possible skill is bunk by comparison. After all, there’s no use in having a perfect ’10’ for tackling ability if you can’t catch the opposition player to use it, is there? Evolution, however, is the first football game that allows the ‘Owenns’ of this world to be capable sprinters, but has the defensive AI to balance encounters. As with real life, a speedy winger can still terrorise a team along his particular flank, but ISSPE allows you to effectively stifle such talent – if, that is, you’re accomplished enough to do so.

From moment to moment, its matches are variable. Although ISSPE doesn’t have the breakneck speed of FIFA 2000 or Actua 3, its comparatively sedate pace makes it more considered and absorbing. Sometimes you dominate a match, confining your opponents to their own half. On other occasions, a CPU side will run rings around you and your passing game will go to hell. Desperately hoofing the ball over the top of the midfield, you’ll adopt direct tactics in the desperate hope of fashioning some sort of counter-attack. And, assuredly, nine times out of 10, the opposing defenders will nod each lofted ball back into midfield. ISSPE feels right – it genuinely looks and plays like its real-life equivalent.

Such excellence is not without an attendant cost, though. At times, Evolution’s AI code steps in to give you a helping hand. This is, by and large, a pretty transparent procedure. At times, however, it can grab one of your players and go entirely against your wishes. You do become accustomed to this, though, and besides, it’s not as if it happens all the time. Some players will find the brief moments where ISS is ‘on rails’ all too intrusive. It’s just a shame that Konami didn’t include an ‘expert’ mode, without the offending helping hand routines. Then again, perhaps it’s those very pieces of code that make it as balanced as it is.

Konami UK have been ‘sittng’ on ISS Pro Evolution since before Christmas – a move, no doubt, to avoid a clash with the ultra-hyped commercial behemoth that is FIFA. As a consequence, we’ve had three months of play in order to evaluate it. The prognosis, as you have no doubt discerned, is that ISSPE is the most superbly-realised football game we’ve ever played. After hours of play too numerous to mention, its CPU teams are still performing new trick, and as for its multiplayer mode… well, it’s pretty much everything you’d ever want from a football game.

Two Best Features of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Pretty much I have blown out my whole weekend just playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Well, except when I had to eat and sleep. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is fantastic. And I want to tell you why I consider this the best Pokemon game Game Freak has ever made. Now for those new to the game, the said game is paired with Omega Ruby are two Nintendo 3DS remakes of previous titles Ruby and Sapphire from 2002 on the Gameboy Advance. Pokemon ORAS (as what other call it) seats on top of the amazing engine that powered the highly popular Pokemon X and Y of 2013. So naturally, everything that is superb and cool stuff from those games are also here but with even more polished and fine tuned. And of course, couple of new features to spice things even more.

The game looks and sounds fantastic because the world is rendered instead of it as sprite-based, you will get shifting camera angles for dramatic effect on some dungeons or just to reveal overall areas better. Most of the game is in 2D while the battle scene and some story scenes are in full 3D. I must say, if you are playing it with the new 3DS, the 3D feature of the game is more enjoyable than ever. However, the previous 3D problems that existed in the previous X and Y still exist here. So, it is a little bit disappointing.

There are quite a few changes in the game, as far as features is concern especially now that Pokemon Omega Ruby 3DS rom is released and  available for download internationally. But there are two I would like to mention in particular. The first one is the new soar function. As you progress into the game, you will be able to unlock a Poke flute that summon Latios and will allow you to fly quickly to any town. But the difference here is that you will be doing this in a 3D environment and you will be able to land to specific area of choice rather than the previous HM fly that will teleport you directly to a Pokemon Center. Another new feature in the game is the Dex Nav. You can see in the bottom screen. This nav will provide you 3 awesome things: first is, it will show you any potential special Pokemon within the area rather than just relying on random encounters; the second one is sneaking on Pokemons, the more you successful you do it, the more special the Pokemon can be; lastly, Dex Nav tracks all Pokemons on a given area, caught or not.


Honestly, playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire on 3DS was a great experience. I was never bored once, never frustrated, and never ever without something interesting to do. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is without question the most fun, and the most refined Pokemon game yet.

The Science of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone could have been by anyone other than Blizzard. You can grasp the fundamentals of this deceptively simple card game within an hour and still be surprised by hundreds of matches with its different touch. A keen eye makes Hearthstone a dominating game during someone’s free time. Hearthstone feels like a free-to-play game done well. You won’t need to spend a single dime just to be decently competitive against other players. Yes, this game is nothing new. It has its similarity to games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. Both of which are also card games.

Everything played has an associated cost. You pay for cards by using mana. One mana is gained every turn, and you can have a maximum of 10. The pool is filled at the beginning of every turn. This means you are always able to play something and as players mana reserves grow, more expensive, more powerful cards will enter the battlefield. You rarely find yourself in matches that it feels you’ll be drag along. Even if you are played against a skillful player, games don’t often stretch beyond the 15 minute mark.


Speed is one of the big reasons why Hearthstone works. Having been defeated isn’t too discouraging to someone because of the little time invested to each game. A lot of fun with Hearthstone comes with making a deck and playing few games, and changing the deck based on what worked and what didn’t. If you want to build decks fast, then you might have to spend to earn dust and gold by playing, or by using a cheat tool as explained here. Regardless of what type of deck you build, a lot of its personality will come based on your chosen class. There are currently nine class that you can play and each has it specific set of additional cards that can only be if you pick that class. Every class is enjoyable and more importantly, it is possible to do very well with any of them. It all boils down with individual preference.

Further distinguishing feature of the game is hero power. The benefits of these powers are too small but can add up over time such as the Paladin hero power which summons his own knight. On its own, this doesn’t do much but when paired with other cards or if there are several of them in play, the knights swing a match to your favor. Whether you want to treat Hearthstone as time waster, or you just want to find a fun and exciting game, either way the game is a blast.

The Power of Eight in Boom Beach Strategy

In Boom Beach today, there are eight different troops that you can put inside eight different boats. That makes for a really awesome revamp over what we call “YOLO” strategy. Take note, before we usually add extra medics but right now we have eight different troops segregated to eight different boats which can be beneficial to the said strategy. What is even making it more interesting is that when boost up makes raiding a lot more fun to watch.

Now, what about this YOLO Strategy is all about? Well, as the name itself speaks, it is the kind of strategy where you create all kinds of troops and use them all at the same during raids without the complicated planning that makes things time consuming and more technical. Now this is not the most efficient of strategies out there. This is the type where you go all out. If you ask me this is the next thing to being crazy in the game but in a nice way.

As far as effectiveness of the strategy is concern, I would say it is a 50 – 50 one. It means that depending on the defense of the enemy, you can either win or lose the raid. As far as experience is concern with such strategy and with the new revamp Boom Beach game features, I would say I had a pretty good one. I won seven of the last 10 raids. And those are 10 are not that easy to beat if you gauge them with their levels and number wins. Definitely they have a pretty decent defense that can easily give anyone a headache if not careful. Now, what really makes me curious is the fact that this strategy really works well if one should use a Boom Beach online hack where one will know how to easily get resources especially diamonds.

The thing about this YOLO Strategy on Boom Beach is that it benefited from the recent updates that brought eight troops and eight boats on the game. If you compare the previous strategy stats with the recent one, the latter yields more wins the former. This probably due to the variety of troops that can be used at the same time, and the damage variation brought about by it.

Now, when it comes to recommending this strategy to Boomers around – definitey this is one that I can give it a go. But there is one thing you should keep in mind, you still have to mind your resources when it comes to using such tactic. This can be costly and for all you know, you will be out of resources pretty soon if you are not that careful.

Nothing More, Nothing Less with Animal Crossing: City Folk


I have a question – when you think of the Nintendo’s very own Wii, what games do you think of? What games characterizes or symbolizes it? For most, it has to be Wii Sports. No game did motion control better than its mission statement, which, sadly, is also an indication of some of its disappointments. But the platform had other candidates, too. For traditional gaming, it could be Mario Galaxy, maybe Skyward Sword. When it comes to the casual crowd, probably Wii Fit.

What about for the Wii’s connectivity? I know for a fact motion control, graphics, creativity those sides of the Wii all have their defining games. But what about your Wii Connect 24? What about the online components? I mean, when it comes to the system’s communication features, what was their defining moment? Unfortunately, I think we’re looking at it. It ís easy to forget among memories of sizzle reels and exaggerated acting in exaggerated trailers, but one of the things Nintendo highlighted during their early showings of the Wii was precisely those features. And the game they used as an example was Animal Crossing.

They talked a lot about all the awesome ideas developers could come up with for online in a game like Fifa 17. And then, they went ahead and didn’t come up with anything.This is usually where I’d tell you what Animal Crossing: City Folk is, but it is a lot more telling especially in retrospect to tell you what it isn’t. It ís not the next big step for the Animal Crossing series. In fact, if anything, it was walking in place. And it ís not the killer first-party release it should’ve been, especially considering how huge the system was already becoming by 2008.

If you’ve played Animal Crossing in either of its prior incarnations, you’ve pretty much played it on Wii. City Folk is one of the least-changed sequels to a major series I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like Nintendo took the GameCube and DS games and just reworked a few things for the Wii. I mean, why go any further than that? You know, it just their most successful system ever.


If you haven’t played Animal Crossing, well City Folk is a simulation game in which you’re living in the shoes of a cute little character in a cute little world. You arrive, you purchase a house, you eventually pay off the loan, you live a little virtual life in a little virtual world. Animal Crossing really is one of the better simulation games out there, especially for its charm and accessibility and in that general sense, City Folk is continuing the tradition. It just that ís all it does – continue.

If you’re new to the series and have no expectations, you’ll probably have a lot of fun with this game. There are a ton of things to do in Animal Crossing. There are places to visit and people to meet, and to its credit, you could go online and visit the worlds your friends are creating. There’s also voice chat support for Wii Speak, which, you know.That was a thing for a while. Big Nintendo franchises took big, creative risks on Wii. In comparison, this one didn’t. City Folk is a perfectly good Animal Crossing game but nothing more.